Discipline is a way of life in Vldyashalla. It is a vital factor in shaping one's personality. It is inculcated in the pupils not as an imposition but as a normal growth under the process of training in self discipline and self help through every activity. The college is a community in which a large number of people live closely together. It is therefore essential that all members have due regard for the rights of others. The college rules are intended to help preserve a happy and harmonious atmosphere for all those living and working in the college. Students are required to observe discipline and follow norms in every matter of the college whether it is academic and administrative. Good conduct and academic excellence are the watchwords of the institution.

An effective attendance policy or absenteeism policy helps the student to accomplish success. Hence, every student is required to attend all lectures, tutorials, practicals and other prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities. * Special care is taken to maintain all-round discipline in the College. Students must attend their classes regularly. According to the rules of the Institute students must have 75 % attendance or above in each subject for being eligible to appear in University examinations.
Remaining absent from the college without prior permission of the authority is strictly prohibited.

Seeking Guidance

  • In-case hostel related problems; the student is required to contact the concerned warden.
  • For any additional help, he/she should contact the Class in-charge and HOD,
  • For any study related matters the student is required to contact the Subject teacher first.
  • For any other personal grievances/ problems student should feel free to first contact the Class in-charge and then HOD and later the Chairman.
    • Ragging is strictly prohibited
      Ragging is totally prohibited in iihm. So called introduction by individual and by group is banned. Only in presence of faculty or in fresher party Simple introduction is allowed. The defaulter will be suspended with pending enquiry and will be expelled from the college, The college has appointed 'An Ragging Squad consisting of senior professors and faculty on duty during day and night to ensure that no ragging incident happens in the college premises as weII as in the hostel,